Day one

Well this was the first 24 hours of us being officially together as a couple and I can honestly say it’s been the happiest 24 hours for me in such a long time. It’s been simple, cute and I really do feel cared about and sort of special? I know I’m not but you somehow make me feel like that. I’ve managed to pull myself together these past few months and grown up quite a bit (I hope). I needed to sort myself out and learn to manage my emotions and sensitivity. I didn’t think being with anyone would be in my near future for quite a while and I was a little worried at first but then I met you. It was different I agree but a good sort of different. I didn’t expect you to want to be my friend let alone anything else but you did. You’re absolutely beautiful and you’ve such a wonderful personality, one I wish I had. I could go on and compliment you for hours, you know that but I won’t because anything I do say wouldn’t do you justice. You’re so likeable and everyone in my life seems to like you too. You’ve opened up to me and I to you. You’re one of few I trust to just talk to without worrying what you think of me and knowing you wouldn’t judge me for my past or mistakes. I really did begin to like you as a really good friend but I felt that wasn’t enough. Spending more and more time with you I realised I wanted you to be mine. Although I was scared at first and didn’t think I was ready for it anytime soon, you still wanted to wait. I told you about my past/history because id rather be honest with you and you understood. But then I decided instead of being scared I should just go with my gut instinct so where ever this takes us I’ll be happy regardless. If it works out great, but if it doesn’t than that’s okay too because I’ve gained such a wonderful friend. I’m already super protective over you, I remember that time someone was flirting with you right under my nose and I felt like punching them in the face. But you didn’t even respond to it and I was honestly really glad. You seem to calm me down quite a lot and tell me when I’m just worrying too much because you know how I get. I can’t believe how much you actually do understand me having not known me for that long I feel like I’ve known you years. i was so used to putting myself in such a shit hole but then realising i don’t need to weigh myself down as much as I do. I don’t need to rely on other people to make me happy and I don’t need to be with someone to feel fulfilled. And I realised that and the sooner you came along without me even looking. As soon as I stopped trying so hard it happened naturally. But you do make me happy. You honestly do, make me so happy. Just being with you and in your company, it’s like this huge splash of confidence and positive energy and I like that feeling. I feel safe and secure and I know I was a soppy bastard yesterday but I’m not even the slightest bit embarrassed? Because why should I be, you’re my boyfriend and you like me for me and how I am despite my flaws and you wouldn’t want me to be anything other and neither would i want you to be. We’re huge gimps, by we I mean me… but you’re my boyfriend now so I’m sorry you’re a gimp too. So get ready for lots of insults to follow. We have such a friendly sort of relationship and I sort of like it. I made you watch gossip girl with me whilst on Skype and you judged me so hard but it was hilarious. Fuck. Just your face is enough to make me smile.
Me for the full episode “ARE YOU WATCHING? LOOK. WATCH” And you’re staring at me like a fucking puppy. Pft. If you weren’t so fucking cute I’d be like owlmdmaojfjjeowjfn. Also—— sitenote please stop buying me fucking food and cake, sweets etc when we’re out because you’re going to make me fat.

I’m a soppy cunt and I do not give a damn. Happy birthday beautiful I hope you had a wonderful day today time to quickly call you to say goodnight before my early night as I’m completely shattered. I hope this birthday was incredible anyway and we’ll all celebrate properly next week. Goodnight 💙

Honestly, what a perfect night. Holy fuck. I can’t believe for once I wasn’t shy and nervous and managed to get my worlds out. Although I don’t feel exactly 100% right now I really do feel incredible and it’s all down to you. It’s not even that late but I’m exhausted so I think cuddling and bed is a great idea. night.